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Pelican and Hasbro team up on NERF-branded PS2 controller

Darren Murph

Sure, it's no Wiimote or caramelized Xbox controller, but the NERF Wireless Controller could definitely hold its own in a gamepad brawl. Designed by Pelican and Hasbro, this cushioned PlayStation 2 controller sports "soft, durable foam," Pelican's "Smart Play" technology, wireless connectivity, and a sweet NERF logo for extra bragging rights. The company claims it can withstand "squeezing, throwing, twisting and spiking," and while its currently only available for Sony's soon-to-be-replaced PS2, other platforms shouldn't be too far behind. So if you aren't exactly ready (read: too broke) to pull the trigger on a new console (or HD DVD attachment) come November, this $29.99 flingable controller could help alleviate the new launch envy.

[Via Joystiq]

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