Dr. Kawashima defects to PSP, 'Brain Age' becomes 'Mind Quiz'

Dr. KawashimaThe DS's beloved mascot is moving on. The ever-jovial Dr. Kawashima is taking his "brain age" circus and heading for greener pastures, hoping to score big-time on the ungrazed PSP platform.

As Brain Trainer, the title has been burning up the sales charts in Japan, and now Ubisoft will deploy Sega's newly tagged Mind Quiz across Europe in November. Overseen by Dr. Kawashima, players will test their calculation abilities, reflexes, and memory in a series of bland mini-games, culminating in a "brain age" score.

Nevermind that it's Brain Age without the touch screen, blazing through simple arithmetic is just ... So. Much. Fun! (And we hear it makes you smarter.)

This article was originally published on Joystiq.