OMFG Here are this weeks Japanese sale charts and as usual the nintedo Ds lite is DOWN cause nobuddy is buying it. Now, let me start by saing that I love NINTEDO and that im not bias but it has a red arrow and red is FTL loller. they are on the way out with they're kiddie games and brain age. more like LAME age mirite??!1

- DS Lite: 104,487 19,650 (15.83%)
- PS2: 24,727 3,537 (12.51%)
- PSP: 21,603 553 (2.63%)
- GBA SP: 2,299767 (50.07%)
- Xbox 360: 1,743 358 (17.04%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,714 441 (34.64%)
- Gamecube: 653 165 (33.81%)
- DS Phat: 273 13 (5.00%)
- GBA: 37 25 (208.33%)
- Xbox: 3 5 (62.5%)

Unleik the DS, the SONY PSP is going up in the sales my friend Bill told me that it'll pwn number 1 soon because it has better grafx than any other protable console and, a better screen then the Gameboy micro morore like the game boy psyhco cos that's what you aer if you buy one it's just the old GBa with a britter screen. Anyway the Xcast 360 also came odwn from last time because people don't want to play Crapo on M$ consoles where you can't even buy tetris full version you its all mirco transactions. and you can't play grand truismo on it ether!

[Source: Media Create]
[Special thanks to previous sales chart commenter, spike117, for providing the inspiration for this week's sales post.]

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