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MacBook Pros also shipping with secret draft-N cards

Evan Blass

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So it looks like Apple's engineers decided to throw another little treat into the latest generation of MacBook Pros along with those zippy new Core 2 Duo processors -- just like the recently spec-bumped iMacs, these Merom-powered MBPs also feature a dormant 802.11n wireless card. With iMacs now rocking draft-N from Broadcom and D-Link Rangebooster chipsets finding their way into the laptop line, speculation is running rampant that the upcoming iTV media extender will also feature the next-gen WiFi standard. Since the current version of OS X doesn't support the yet-to-be-ratified protocol, there's not much that Mac owners can do at present with this newfound knowledge, though it is nice to know that your expensive new toy is probably future-proofed for that MIMO goodness. To find out if Apple was sneaking features into any other hardware, we decided to crack open a 5.5G iPod to see if anything draft-N-related was hidden inside that product too, but all we learned was that prying the case off with a knife can lead to bloody fingers and a broken DAP.

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