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Aurora Multimedia's WACI PAD-6 dynamic button controller

Darren Murph

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Looking to hop into the home automation game, but don't feel like installing a computer in your wall or throwing down for a snazzy remote? Aurora Multimedia feels your pain, and with its recently launched Dynamic Button Controller, can take over your domain(s) with minimal intrusion. The WACI PAD-6 rocks a single-gang interface (like the JackPC) and boasts six dynamic LCD buttons which change based on which button you press first. For instance, tagging the "DVD" button can switch your six options to play / pause, stop, and volume, while choosing the "Lights" pad could lead to dimming controls. The device houses 64MB of RAM "supporting hundreds of unique instances," an internal "250 MIPS web server" which triggers the macro switching, an IR port, one serial port, and a built-in Ethernet port. While there are currently no pricing or availability details to ponder over, we're sure the WACI PAD-6 will be displacing plain ole electrical outlets real soon.

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