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Zune player, store, accessories, and Xbox 360 hands-on

Ryan Block, @ryan

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So we just hit up the Zune preview event in Los Angeles (as if we really needed to get more dirt on the thing at this point). We basically saw a ton of Zunes, got a full walkthrough of the software (with a load of pics), got good long look at some of those accessories, and finally snagged some shots of the Zune / Xbox 360 integration. We're not exactly expecting this to be a hugely enlightening experience or anything, but it was finally nice to see some of this stuff.

Outside the event. Nice florescent bulb gradient.

More store.

Stacks of album art organized.

Guest mode allows you to connect to another machine with Zune software and share tunes. This mode isn't as strict as the 3x3 inbox, but it's got its own particulars (like no moving music off the device, for one).

File types associated.

Encoding rate: up to 192kbps.

Select your codec: WMA or MP3.

Difficult to see, but this specifies Zune interaction when connected.

This is the CD burning options, about what you'd expect.

Zune connection performance options.

Here we've got sharing options for the Xbox 360.

And shared folders.

Burn options.

Zune and drive mappings.

Privacy settings.

Security settings.

CD ripping settings (again).

Proxy settings.

General settings. Phew. Ok, take your glasses off now.

Wireless remote

What your Zune looks like while plugged in (with the USB cable, of course)

And docked, with that remote docked as well.

Video accessories that look a bit like those for the Xbox.

Canalphone buds, with the same magnetic locking mechanism up top. Noice.

FM transmitter.


Kickstand / battery pack. Necessary for the world traveler who's insistant on a Zune over a device with a longer battery life.

Cases, lots of cases.

... and speakers.


And open, with L/R key.

In-line remote.

And here comes the Xbox integration. Whisky is plugged in, and it indexes those tunes right quick.

Browse content quickly.

Drill down to artists.

Then to tracks.

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