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Hands-on with Lenovo's X60 Tablet PC


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We already showed you a review of the thing, but now we've got an X60t of our own, and we thought you'd give you our impressions, along with a nice bevy of pictures of this tablet in the flesh. As always, you can find the pics after the break, so lets get on with the impressions. Tablet PC Review was no liar when it complemented the build quality of the X60t: the unit is a rock. The keyboard feels wonderful, the hinge is solid and even the TrackPoint "nipple" (of which we're not normally a fan) works great. The pen is solid, and when writing on the screen there's just the right amount of friction to make pen-based input feel just right. Aside from an overly zealous complement of pre-loaded, taskbar-hogging software, our only real problem was with the battery life, but it was a big one: the stock 4-cell battery choked out at around 1.5 hours of use for us. Granted, the display was at max brightness (which is plenty bright), and WiFi and Bluetooth were on, but it was still rather disconcerting to be able to visibly watch the battery meter lose percentage points, and then have the thing conk out altogether at a supposed 8 percent of battery left. So, if you can spring for the 8-cell, or stand to live without wireless or a backlight, the X60 comes highly recommended as far as Tablet PCs go, but we do have that minor caveat. Keep reading for the pics.

Lenovo packed in a webcam, headset and dock. Wasn't that nice of them?

Pretty dang small for a power brick.

The recessed ports are a nice touch.

The screen automagically reorients itself based on how you hold the tablet.

The latch works both ways.

Sure they're dusty, but boy do they feel good.

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