Lenovo launches X60 tablet PC

Ryan Block
R. Block|11.14.06

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Ryan Block
November 14th, 2006
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It's got a 12.1-inch display with XGA touchscreen and/or digitizer options, as well as an SXGA+ digitizer-only version; it's got 3G; it's got 802.11n MIMO WiFi; it's got a PC card and ExpressCard slot; it's got a bunch of ports, Core Duo or Solo processor options, a 2.5-inch drive up to 120GB, in-bezel nav, fingerprint reader, mic, etc.; it's Lenovo's X60, reborn as a tablet convertible tablet. It weighs 3.77 pounds, is 1.1-1.3-inches thick, and could in theory last you up to 7.5 hours on a single extended battery. It starts at $1,800. Steel yourself, though, you've got video games to buy you and your family. Well, yourself, anyway.
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