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Israel adding to global animalbot army with "bionic hornets"

Cyrus Farivar

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Israel thinks that the best way to think big is to think small. Reuters reports that the country will be researching the use of nanotechnology to fight militants within its borders over the next few years. Among the proposed projects are a set of "super gloves" that would give the wearer the power of a "bionic man," as well as tiny sensors to find suicide bombers. However, our favorite is a "bionic hornet" -- no bigger than a real hornet -- which would have the ability to "chase, photograph and kill its targets." While the bionic hornet hasn't actually been built yet, Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres said that prototypes for the new weapons could be expected by 2010. Americans, don't worry, we've already got our own insect cyborgs, attack dolphins, spy turtles and remote-controlled sharks underway, which should be ready within three years to counter any sissy hornets, bionic or otherwise.

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