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Optimus 103 keyboard demands $1,200 pricetag -- yes, you read that right


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For as much feature slashing and resulting public outcry involved in getting this thing out the door for a "reasonable price," it sure didn't amount to much: Art Lebedev just announce its uber-hyped Optimus 103 keyboard will debut in May of 2007 for $1,200. That's twelve hundies, for those keeping track at home, ten times the current price of the Optimus mini three 1.5. Sure, nobody expected this thing to be cheap, but $1,200 might be asking a bit much. Luckily, prices will be dropping to a "mere" sub-grand in September of 2007, and at that rate we'll be able to afford one of these things right around the time that thought-based typing becomes the input method of choice. Well, at least our dreams of keyboard heaven were fun while they lasted. If you're just crazy enough to try it, you can pre-order the keyboard on December 12th.

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