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Samsung's HP-T5064: a 50-inch Plasma with "Multi Media Center"


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Samsung has a couple of 50-inch plasmas on the way in their HP-T5054 and HP-T5064. That's right, plasmas, not the 50-inch LCDs they're building with Sony. Details are sketchy at best, but we can tell ya that the new panels will feature improved contrast ratio in bright rooms and a unique, automatic wall mount adjustment thrown in just for kicks. The T5064 also features an MMC -- no, not Mandatory Managed Copy, rather a Multi Media Center with built-in disk drive (of unspecified capacity) to host recorded broadcasts or downloaded PC content. Now we're not sure, but this is sounding a whole, hell of a lot like the wireless SPD-50P7HDT we already saw announced in Sammy's hometown of Korea. Nevertheless, we'll be trolling for details come January's CES where these will no doubt be on display.

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