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BenQ's new MusiQ has sights on shuffle crown


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While apparently this BenQ MusiQ player has been making the rounds in China for a little while now, it's the first we heard of it, and we're definitely impressed. While the diminutive player might not be quite as tiny as the iPod shuffle, not to mention the fact that Apple is about the only company that seems to be able to get away with producing a screen-less player anymore, the addition of a microSD slot sure is quite the feat. We're also kind of digging the neck chain headphone cord integration (peep the pictures after the break) -- even if it is a wee bit shiny. Unfortunately, the built-in memory is a mere 512MB, though microSD does alleviate that concern a bit. The player is currently available for 688 HKD, about $88.50 US. Click on for a bunch action shots.

[Via The MP3 Players]

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