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First Wii-related injury reported

Cyrus Farivar

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We're not really sure that there's much more to say about the Wiimote that we (har) haven't said before, other than it can cause damage to anything valuable in your gaming arena, such as your television, window, beer glass, or PDA -- did we miss anything? Well, let's record little Jacob here as the very first Wii-related injury into the record books. According to the account provided on Wii Damage, a new site devoted to all things getting busted due to the faulty Wiimote strap, Jacob was among a trio of kids in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina settling down to a nice, pleasant game of Wii Baseball over Thanksgiving weekend. Jacob's cousin Abby was settling into the batter's box, and as the pitch came down she gave it a Bondsian swing, sending the Wiimote flying straight at her cousin, who was standing nearby -- sustaining a pretty good-lookin' welt to the face. Now if you'll excuse us, we need to go find our high school football helmet so we can get our Wii on safely.

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