Moderation is the conspicuously absent ingredient in CES releases, and it looks like Sony is sticking to the recipe with its new Vaio spec bumps -- minor as they may be. First off is the Vaio C2 series of laptops, which keeps close to those 13.3-inch stylings of the original C series, with a brand new "rediscovery blue" color (pictured) to keep things fresh and a media friendly X-black display. Specs are relatively unchanged, but Sony is packing Vista into all of these new laptops, so that's worth remembering. Sony's SZ4 13.3-inch ultraportable Vaios haven't budged a whole lot on specs either, with T7400 Core 2 Duo procs now in the high end, and of course Vista Business pre-installed. The FE4 media laptops do a similar jig, with X-black LCD technology, Double Lamp illumination, and a Core 2 Duo T7200 processor, but little else. The fashionable Vaio N20 laptops adopt X-black tech as well, but don't even manage do break free of their Core Duo shackles -- hopefully they didn't break free of that sultry "wenge brown," either. Finally, Sony's recently updated Vaio LA2 all-in-one desktop gets the Vaio and X-black love, but understandably little more. Most of these models look to have received RAM and HDD bumps to make way for Vista, but it's still a pretty weak showing, despite the sheer volume of updates. No word on prices or availability, but we're figuring that since Vista isn't out until the 30th, we've got a few weeks to wait. A couple more shots after the break.

The SZ4, lookin' sharp

Another sexy pose from the C2

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