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Rumor: Apple to increase .Mac, iDisk storage to 30GB at Macworld

David Chartier

MacDailyNews uncovered a digg post that contains some interesting video 'proof' that Apple could soon update the storage size of their .Mac and iDisk storage space to a whopping 30GB. Granted, we all know how easily stuff like this can be faked these days, but the video demonstrates mounting a user's iDisk both through Mac OS X and then using the Apple's iDisk Utility on Windows (via Parallels). When the iDisk is mounted on Windows, its total capacity is reported as a surprising 30GB, significantly greater than the standard 1GB (upgradeable to 2 and 4GB for extra yearly fees) it currently includes.

Considering the surmounting criticism .Mac is falling under these days, this massive boost in size - and of course the obvious speculation of the new features that would accompany it - could be a significant boon to .Mac membership and sales.

At the least, you might want to make sure you print out a Keynote Bingo card with a .Mac slot, as I think *some* sort of update, per our predictions, is a shoe-in for Tuesday's Keynote.
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