Until such time when mini fusion reactors are built into our wireless controllers, we will sadly be forced to buy batteries and recharge. As we reported yesterday, Nyko has developed a much needed Wii-mote dock with rechargeable NiMH batteries. A nice place to stick our Wii-motes and charge them at the same time. Suggested cost for the Wii recharge station is $29.99 USD.

Nyko's PS3 charge base is designed to hold four Emmy-winning Sixaxis wireless controllers. The PS3 base comes with a six foot standard wall plug, to not take up any USB ports or force you to leave your system on. The charge base for the PS3 is suggested to cost $39.99 USD. We can't help but wonder what cost there was in manufacturing -- or hidden cost in licensing -- that made this glorified wall outlet $10 more than the Wii station, which does the same thing but gives you two rechargeable NiMH "rubberized" battery packs. If you want to just full-on skip the docking station, Nyko also has a 10 foot long charge link for $14.99 that allows gamers to keep playing while they recharge their Sixaxis controller.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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