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Sharp's dual-lens, uber-bright XG-PH70X DLP projector

Darren Murph

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Sharp's no stranger to the world of DLP (or business-oriented) projectors, but the firm's latest offers up an interesting mix of features as it attempts to cater to the "high-end installation market" looking for a "powerful, permanently-installed display device." While the word "permanent" scares us all just a bit, we can assume the XG-PH70X is destined for large money-making boardrooms where CEOs won't want to meddle with changing bulbs or dimming the lights. Featuring a whopping 5,200 ANSI lumens, this DLP projector should outshine just about anything else in its price range, and it also sports a 1200:1 contrast ratio, XGA native resolution, Sharp's own CV-IC II video processing chip, six lens options for a plethora of awkward mounting options, and "redundant reliability through a dual-lamp lighting system." Additionally, for users willing to kill off a few lights, you can flip to switch and head to "eco-mode" where a single bulb will output a respectable 4,300 ANSI lumens, and if you need to control the action from afar, the built-in RJ-45 jack allows for web server dictating sans any proprietary software. The XG-PH70X, which comes bundled with a single standard lends, will hit stores in March for $8,495, while the lens-less XG-PH70XN is slated to land right alongside its sibling for a slightly lower $7,995.

[Via AboutProjectors]

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