Sharp XV-Z3000 DLP projector reviewed

You know how every time you consider how cool it would be to install a front projector in your place to throw up an 80-inch screen for some movie-watching and gaming goodness, and then realize that all the really good HD projectors that can handle dodgy lighting conditions are at least $10,000? Enter the Sharp XV-Z3000 DLP projector. HT geeks, prepare for geekery. Non-HT geeks, we apologize in advance. This shiny black box shoots 1280 x 768 and sports (two!) HDMI and RGB PC inputs. While that all sounds pretty normal, the surprising $3,000 price point is even more impressive when one considers a 0.001 foot-lamberts black level at 3000:1 contrast ratio paired with some serious brightness (27 ft-L). There are issues, of course, according to reviews, such as a loud fan and a little more video noise than expected. But generally speaking, Home Theater gave the unit tip-top ratings, and at this price and performance, that basement fantasy of ours just might be one lumen closer to reality

[Via HDBeat]