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Nikon's new L10, L11 and L12 Coolpix take it low-end


Nikon is beefing up its L Series ("L" stands for life, dontchaknow) and while the specs pale in comparison to some of Nikon's other new offerings, there's plenty to love here for the point-and-shoot set. The L10, L11 and L12 sport 5, 6 and 7.1 megapixel CCDs respectively, with 3x Zoom-Nikkor lenses and a full quality movie mode. The L10 and L11 can muster a mere ISO 800, and the 2-inch LCD on the L10 is positively cro-magnon, but the L11 picks it up a bit with 2.4-inches. We wouldn't be caught dead with anything less than the L12, which adds in optical image stabilisation, a 2.5-inch LCD and ISO 1600, but the $120, $150 and $200 price tags make all of these compact shooters quite tempting to the low-frills, no-budget types. All three should be available near the beginning of March.