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AnyTrack GPS-100 discretely tracks personal property

Darren Murph

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Considering that behind-the-back GPS tracking isn't exactly illegal now, AnyDATA is offering up the option to discretely track just about anything (or anyone) you please with its AnyTrack GPS-100. Similar to other GPS / cellular hybrid devices we've seen, this rendition utilizes the AnyTrack "wireless location service" in order to continually track your mischievous teen's car or suspicious spouse. The diminutive 2.65-ounce unit can purportedly be tossed in a glove compartment, planted on a jacket, or clipped onto your dog's collar, and by taking advantage of the built-in GPS antenna and CDMA connectivity, the GPS-100 doesn't even need to be outdoors in order to transmit data. The gizmo itself will run you $199 for a limited time, while a potentially pricey pay-pay-view rate schedule will run you anywhere from $14.95 to near infinity depending on how obsessed you are with watching the dot.

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