Verizon Wireless to spend $6 billion on network upgrade

Alcatel-Lucent has just landed a $6 billion deal with Verizon Wireless to upgrade the carrier's U.S. wireless network. Verizon Wireless is planning to expand its wireless data network with the equipment deal, scheduled to run a solid three years. So is this all going to come in the form of EV-DO Rev. A upgrades for the carrier? Nah -- Big Red will be investing in VoIP and video telephony services as the carrier transitions over time to an all-IP network and away from a circuit-based network. Alcatel-Lucent products such as digital microwave radios, optical cross-connects and bandwidth management devices are part of the $6 billion deal, and will include network support services from Alcatel-Lucent, too. How funny would it be to see a Verizon network engineer waiting on hold for an Alcatel-Lucent customer service rep?

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