IGN recently excreted (in the most wholesome way possible) an article about Resident Evil 5. Nothing about the game, really, but they did offer up a list of ten things they'd like to see. We haven't done a list in forever, so we've got to go with it. This is what they want:

  1. True Next-Gen Gameplay -- the best way to summarize what they mean is the quest for better AI, more physics-based puzzles, and visuals to serve up the best mood for the game.
  2. Online Play -- not like Outbreak. The end.
  3. Co-op Throughout Campaign -- calling it a "campaign" makes it sound like any other shooter, IGN. But having a partner rip through the zombie ranks would be neat. Just so he or she isn't a complete idiot. AI is important here too, if you don't have a buddy to take up a second controller.
  4. Revamped Controls -- RE4 did well, but moving whilst shooting (perhaps roll-dodges or something) would be nice, along with quick weapon swaps and proper melee moves.
  5. Tight Script and Voice Acting -- whatever. No game has really sold me on voice acting except the Metal Gear games. It's like the script writers sit down, pen something with their foot, slap a title on it and call it dialogue. It's not dialogue -- it's a footnote. Bwa ha ha ha! Get it? Damn, that was amazing.
  6. Gameplay Mix -- make things a little less linear, really.
  7. Incredible Boss Battles and a Solid Ending -- 'nuff said.
  8. Give Us A Chainsaw -- uh, all right.
  9. No More Typewriters -- what? While we're at it, why not take out spiky hair from JRPG's? Or guns out of FPS titles? Terrible suggestion. Typewriters are awesome.
  10. Cake and Eat It, Too -- see the impact of weapons... more than just a popping head.

Well, they've covered a lot of suggestions. Do you have any to add? We'd like a better range of weaponry -- definitely more melee weapons. How great would it be to slice through zombies with a katana/single-sided axe combo? We'd need a pretty cool move set, though...

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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