Well, well! Who's copying who now, LG? The Korean firm rethinks (or, at the very least, rips from the Motorola RIZR Z8) ergonomics with its new SV280, apparently inspired by nature's perfect food: the banana. When closed, this clean-lined white slider looks like any other of its kind, but once opened (or is that peeled?), the handset curves to better fit against your face -- and we can easily see the ap'peel' (we so had to get that in somewhere) in that. Features include a 1.3 megapixel camera hidden under the slider, QVGA screen resolution, flashing sidebars for message notification, and an MP3 player. The rest of the phone's spec sheet is a bit of a mystery, but one thing that did pique our curiosity was the mention of "aromatherapy" -- and hey, who doesn't want the subtle scent of delicious fruits wafting toward their nostrils while they're on a call? In light of the local-market "Cyon" branding, expect this one to launch stateside in your wildest dreams only.


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