While it's not like Minox has exactly cracked the upper echelon of camera brands, the German company has been pumping out solid shooters for a while now (and some, well, not-so-solid). The DC1022, announced today, is based on the well-received DC8122, and retains most of the same basic specs while updating the CCD to 10.1 megapixels and reducing the thickness to an even 1-inch. Other than that, you're basically looking at the 8122: 2.8-inch LCD, 6x optical zoom, 0.8-inch macro ability, digital image stabilization, VGA video, and 32MB of built-in memory, along with the obligatory SD slot. No info on pricing or expected availability, but we've ended every other Minox post with a prediction of "cheap" and we haven't been wrong yet.