The Joystiq Weekend: April 28 - 29, 2007

A 4' x 4' Jiggly Puff made entirely using Starburst wrappers. Artists Sara and Katherine said it took them a few weeks to complete and further described the horrors and injurious practice of peeling hundreds of Starburst wrappers neatly from the sticky candy. Here's the full gallery. Check out the highlights for this weekend:

Podcast Rodeo for April 28: Your Ear ... Is Mine!
Today's eight-year-old-kid-owning on GH in expert video: the sequel
Today's most on-tempo video: Eternal Sonata trailer
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: Draft edition
Your Sunday night Folding@home Foldathon reminder

New Phantom Hourglass pics sure do look purdy
Call of Duty 4 trailer
NPR hails Kutaragi and smacks PS3
Acclaimed Israel-Palestine sim gets commercial release
Wii's Virtual Console sales declining
New Star Ocean forthcoming, reveals Famitsu
UK paper: Sony used beheaded goat to promote God of War II
Mazeltov! It's an Elite ... and what the heck is that?

Rumors & Speculation
Nintendo says 14 million Wii sold by March '08
Gilbert Arenas may be NBA Live cover

Culture & Community
Sony is the most powerful brand says study
Gaming in the face of tragedy
Guns may kill, but video games close second
It'sa me, Mario! ... And you're out of milk.
Colorware concocts competent console coloring
Min-E3: Even the PR guys don't have a clue what's happening
BBC examines WoW's Chinese gold farmers
Wall Street Journal takes on Wiimote hacking
Last Stand ... or: Resident living evil dead zombie night

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