Last week saw some demolition to the Live Top Ten list with the Command and Conquer 3 demo shaking up the top three. This week, the same thing happens, but it's out of left field with Pinball FX, which incidentally was also the top downloaded Arcade title as well, popping into third, behind Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas. All of which are followed by Guitar Hero II and the C&C3 demo. Call of Duty 3 moves down to sixth, while GRAW 2 stays put, Crackdown moves up to eighth. 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures proves it has some staying power by pulling off second to last, with Oblivion rounding off the list at tenth. Full list available after the break.

Xbox 360 Titles for the week of 4/30

1 Gears of War (#1)
2 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (#2)
3 Pinball FX (--)
4 Guitar Hero II (#4)
5 Command and Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars demo (#3)
6 Call Of Duty 3 (#5)
7 GRAW 2 (#7)
8 Crackdown (#9)
9 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (#6)
10 Oblivion (#8)

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