Marantz VP-11S1 under the knife, including scalpel image from has released a new version of its VP-11S1H 1080p DLP projector, one which adds some HDMI 1.3 goodness with 12-bit Deep Color -- and the best part is that the price point is even the same as the older model. At this point, all the people who bought the previous 1,890,000 Yen ($15,700 US) device should be weeping at the thought of having their high-end projector become last year's has-been, but Marantz has done the right thing and offered an upgrade! For 5% of the purchase price (105,000 Yen or $872 US) you can send the projector back for minor surgery to upgrade the HDMI to version 1.3. Check with your local dealer or contact Marantz for more deets on where to send the check and the projector, and then let us know where to send the flowers and get-well cards.

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