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DViCO's TViX HD M-4000SA for up to 1TB of mobile HD video


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S.Korea's DViCO just made it a bit easier to take your HD video collection on the road. Meet the ¥27,800 ($229) TViX HD M-4000SA which combines a 3.5-inch SATA disk enclosure with 1080i output. The player pumps WMV HD, MPEG-2TS and DivX HD video and MP3, Ogg Vobis, and WMA audio out a selection of jacks including DVI, component, and S-Video along with optical and coaxial digital audio -- sorry, no HDMI. It even features a USB-host port to quickly suck media from DAPs and digital cameras with Ethernet providing a link back to DViCO's TiVX series of home media servers. Now don't be shy, go ahead and slap in some hot 1TB disk action for all your self-ripped HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc titles. Then get Kerouac and take your mad, beat media on the road.

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