Now that SED technology is on the verge of kicking the vapor filled bucket, how about another advanced display technology to tie your insanely high hopes to? Optically compensated bend -- oh wait, this isn't new -- technology is supposed to provide clear viewing in sunlight, "wide viewing angles, and high speed response" (and that's a quote from a post exactly a year old). Toshiba has developed and shown off a new OCB LCD, which at only 4.3-inches diagonal is actually half the size of the prototype they were talking about in May '06. Frankly, we'll settle for a little less optimism in return for actually being able to see these improvements make their way into real products. Unfortunately, Toshiba seems to be content with continually teasing us: maybe they won't be so content when we all start playing Duke Nukem' Forever on holographic displays.

[Via I4U News]

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