Halo 3 cover art not so set in stone

Eagle eyed fanboy Chris G sent word that the official Xbox.com page for Halo 3 is sporting what looks to be the cover art for Halo 3's standard edition. And you'll be somewhat surprised to know that it is NOT the same artwork that Amazon.com has on their product page, which we reported on earlier. It's actually the same design as Bungie's second "emotional" wave of marketing, so this whole box art thing could be nothing more than a placeholder for all Halo 3 editions. But then again, the cover art has all the box markings including ESRB rating, header, and developer studios ... Heck, maybe Bungie will be offering two different covers for the standard edition along with the limited edition and the legendary edition come September. Yup, that has to be it.

[Thanks, Chris G]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.