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Samsung intros 20-, 22-inch 'Swan' LCD monitors

Darren Murph

While the most recent LCDs to emerge from Samsung's laboratories have been of the, um, gigantic variety, the firm's latest duo caters to the desk dwellers rather than the AV junkies. The 20-inch SyncMaster CX2032GW/BW models and 22-inch SyncMaster CX2232GW/BWs each consist of a widescreen Magic Clear panel (no word on resolution, however), and are designed with an "elastomer material which enables users to adjust the angles in any way they feel comfortable with." These aptly-nicknamed "Swan" displays should be available in Korea real soon, and while the 20-incher will demand ???368,000 ($399), the slightly larger sibling will run you a modest ???437,000 ($475).

[Via Chosun]

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