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Canon's EOS 40D appears on CIPA list


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Canon fans, you can semi-officially start getting a little hyped about the EOS 40D that everyone was yelling about back in February. The DSLR's model number was uncovered on a CIPA (Camera Imaging Products Association) PictBridge certification list, thus adding fuel to the fire that the long-rumored 40D is about the make an appearance. Of course, specs are sketchy at this point, but here's what our last report had: 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor measuring 22.5 x 15-mm, 5fps burst mode, integrated anti-dust cleaning system, 2.5-inch LCD, and DIGIC II image processing. Of course, it will at least best the 30D, but obviously things change, so who knows what Canon is cooking up now?

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