Canon EOS 40D rumors abound

It all started with an EOS 40D splash page posted (and later pulled) from Canon's official Hong Kong web site. Now the 40D's specs are popping on digicam retail sites all over the Intertubes. Most interesting is the supposed spec sheet posted, pulled, and then extracted from a Belgian site by our tireless Engadget interns; here's what it says: 10.1 megapixel CMOS sensor measuring 22.5 x 15-mm, 5fps burst mode, integrated anti-dust cleaning system, 2.5-inch LCD, and sadly... DIGIC II (not III) image processing. It's that last bit of information which makes us a bit skeptical. Although the DIGIC II can be found in their full-frame400D, the improved DIGIC III is already loosed thereby bringing the whole spec sheet into question. No worries, if Canon is ready to push the 40D out the door then it'll be soon; the big PMA show kicks off in just a few weeks. Now quit staring at that picture, it's not the 40D.

[Via Digital Photography Blog]