Heavenly Sword demo is 'in the bag,' ready for release

We've told you how impressed we were with Heavenly Sword, and soon you'll get your chance to find out for yourself. That demo that was reportedly coming in the "very near future" has now been confirmed by
Ninja Theory as being finished.

"Let me just tell you all that the dev team has finished work on the demo ... it's in the bag," said Ninja Theory co-founder Mike Ball in a forum post. "So now it's a case of Sony deciding when they feel is the best time to release it to PlayStation Network."

PlayStation Network releases generally fall on a Thursday and, while we're not holding our breath for a surprise release tomorrow, we are hoping it pops up on the network next Thursday, July 26. Or Sony could hold onto the demo until closer to the game's September launch. Or not.


[Via PS3 Fanboy]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.