We're impressed, the Asian knockoff industry seems to be getting better and better at the doppelgängers they spew out for our entertainment. The latest example, while not branded "Sony Muricsson" -- or anything else we can see from the pic -- deserves top honors for really getting the feel of Sony Ericsson's new, hot, T650 candybar. The clone -- the site's translation sees it called "Jones came" -- features a 226 x 160 display, 1500 mAh battery, microSD support, and a super thin 101x42x10 mm housing. The handset is definitely GSM, but we're unable to make out the frequencies hidden away inside -- so frequency hoppers beware. Hats off on a fairly well done bit of kit, and aside from the dodgy Walkman logo, we were almost fooled by the lovely aluminum look.

[Via Just Another Mobile Phone Blog]

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