Apple news roundup

Yeah, we know there was a lot going on in the Apple world today -- here's the low down.

Live coverage
Live from Apple's summer Mac product press conference
Apple's new iMac and keyboard: first hands-on

iMac (4th gen)
Apple's new iMac
Apple's new metallic keyboards: in wired and Bluetooth flavors
Apple calls multitouch Mac a "research project"
Apple's new iMac and keyboard: first hands-on
Apple's new wireless keyboard hits the FCC

Apple introduces iLife '08
Apple debuts iWork '08
Apple updates .Mac
iPhones automatically updated with "Send to Web Gallery" feature

Other hardware
Apple refreshes Mac mini, now with Core 2 Duo
Apple tosses in gigabit Ethernet on refreshed AirPort Extreme
Apple offers PCI Express RAID Card in Mac Pro