Sign up to have your broken Big Daddy replaced

For those of you who've purchased the BioShock limited edition, opened it up and found your Big Daddy figurine in a broken state ... listen up.

2K Games has just launched a website allowing broken Big Daddy owners to request a new replacement figurine. To register for a new Big Daddy, head on over to the BioShock Support page, fill in the information and soon you'll be shipped a box. One you receive the pre-paid box, place your broken figure inside, send it out and once they receive it they'll speedily ship you a copy of the BioShock art book "Breaking the Mold". When new figurines are available (it'll be a bit, because they had to manufacture new ones) they'll ship you a brand new Big Daddy for you to hold and love. It's easy as pie!

True, you'll have to be separated from your Big Daddy figurine for a while, but you're gaining a new art book and a pristine figurine with all the shipping and handling paid for. Nice job 2K, we knew you cared about us.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.