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One of the best (and funniest) PVP articles I've ever read

Eric Vice

I'm not a PvP guy. People on the staff think I'm a PvP guy but I'm not. Why do people always assume rogues are PvP freaks? I don't know. Anyway. It's not to say I don't like a little bit of world PvP once in a while, but compared to some of the peeps who have more arena points than they have Air Miles, I am for all intents and purposes, a PvP noob.

Having said that though, I've been clutching my stomach for a good ten minutes and wiping away the tears of laughter after reading this epic post from Relmstein entitled Lessons Learned From Levelling On A PvP Server. While some of it is side-splittingly funny (yes I know I just invented a word), like all good comedy, it's funny because it's true!

If you're considering rolling on a PvP server (something I've tried and failed many times), you may want to print out this article and stick it on your wall. It could save your life!