Panasonic turns out six new Blu-ray recorders

Panasonic's got a slew of new set-top Blu-ray recorders today, all of which include AVCHD playback. Further details (like price) are scarce, but they're launching in Japan today, so who knows if they'll ever cross the Pacific.
  • DMR-BW900 - 1TB drive, 1080p/24 support,
  • DMR-BW800 - 500GB drive, 1080p/24 support,
  • DMR-BW700 - 250GB drive,
  • All three support: 7.1, DD Plus, TrueHD, and DTS-HD
  • DMR-XW300 - 500GB drive,
  • DMR-XW200V - 250GB drive, also has DVD / VHS
  • DMR-XW100 - 250GB drive,