Nintendo's press conference came as somewhat of a surprise. Even for IGN, who did not know of it and instead translated the live blog of Japanese site Ge-maga. The big news of the event, of course, was Sonic's unveiling as a Smash Bros. Brawl character. Here's what else came out of the event:
  • Mario Kart coming Spring 2008, with motorcycles!
  • Super Mario Stadium Baseball was unceremoniously revealed in a collection of clips for previously-announced games.
  • Nintendo will soon "begin a service similar to the DS Station retail service. You'll be able to download demos from your home."
  • Virtual Console has reached 7.8 million downloads. Even if all those sales were NES titles (and we know they're not), that's at least US $39 million in almost pure profit.
  • "Nintendo will put more emphasis on the Wii Vote channel in the future. You'll be able to put rankings for games that you've played and search for games that fit your liking."
The rest of the news:

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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