Another retirement community celebrates gaming with Wii

You know full well that senior citizens have been getting their game on with the Wii like crazy folk. Now, at the Briton House Retirement Residence, a short workshop was conducted so that seniors in the retirement community could learn more about the Wii and its health benefits, hopefully putting to rest any apprehensions or apathy these seniors might have had towards not only the Wii, but gaming in general. For some, it seems to have worked.

Barbara Foley, 85 years young, says her grand kids all play and often exclaim that it isn't difficult at all. She remained skeptical and decided not to indulge, only later realizing her mistake when the opportunity to play arose at Briton. "I liked it," she exclaimed immediately after playing, further adding "Kids today really know something."

Oh, you have no idea the things we know ...

This article was originally published on Joystiq.