You can't seriously consider snapping up Saitek's Cyborg gaming mouse without picking up the Cyborg Keyboard to match, can ya? If you've managed to elude the already-launched alternatives up until now, this version sports an equally futuristic motif with multi-color backlighting, a touch sensitive, backlit control panel, a dozen programmable hot keys and the ability to morph into Cyborg mode -- which instantly disables the Windows keys and configures the color / brightness of your gaming keys with a single press. Furthermore, the 'board features metal-plated keys in "gaming areas," a pass-through USB socket, audio and microphone ports, an adjustable wrist rest and gold-plated connectors for good measure. Currently, pricing and availability details are nowhere to be found, but hang in there soldier, Saitek should be filling in those holes soon enough.

[Via Uber-Review]