Logitech's G11 gaming keyboard reviewed

If you've got no use for the LCD-equipped G15 keyboard, but still lust for dozens of extra buttons to push, you might be interested in the slightly less costly G11. Logitech's self-proclaimed "gaming keyboard" sports the same basic features as its more luxurious sibling, but omits the LCD in favor of bringing the price down to a more respectable level. While it may not be immediately evident what makes the 'board so "gamer-centric," ExtremeTech took a long look at the G11, and unearthed a lot of potential for coders and macro-freaks as well as late-night MMO gamers. While noting that the device boasted the usual assortment of keys, the crew was thoroughly impressed (albeit a bit overwhelmed) with the 54 "G-keys" that could record any macro imaginable. It was noted that keystrokes, although comfortable, rendered a slight "click" when depressed, and they were occasionally sidetracked by mistaking a lower G-key with the Control key. Nevertheless, the illuminated keys (and media controls) were deemed "worthwhile," and the superbly implemented Keyboard Profiler software allowed for on-the-fly macro recording including pauses and combinations. Overall, reviewers felt that the G11 was nothing more than "a shiny keyboard that glows in the dark" if you weren't obsessed with macros, but insinuated that it was a solid value at $70 if you used the bevy of G-keys as frequently as ASDF.