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Seagate FreeAgent drives not down with Linux?

Darren Murph

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It seems as if FreeAgent owners that prefer a more open operating system have been experiencing issues with the drive for a little while now, but we're finally seeing that Seagate isn't exactly rushing to the rescue. Apparently, the power-saving settings on the drives in question only function as advertised in Windows, and users running Linux (and OS X, we presume) could see their FreeAgent duck into inactivity, only to have the USB connection drop and reconnect as USB 1.1. Furthermore, we've even seen an e-mail response from the firm tersely stating that it "does not provide support for Personal / External Storage products (and / or accessories) used in a Linux environment." So, dear readers, are any of you fighting this same battle, and if so, have you found a sufficient workaround?

Update: The workaround you were hoping for? Yeah, check this out. Thanks, nerdgod!

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