has their hands on the latest data from the Nielsen Company that tracks game usage from April to November this year. It isn't a big shocker that World of Warcraft has the highest percentage of PC players in an average minute, as they are doing amazingly well by everyone's estimation, but Nielsen was able to provide a figure on the average amount of hours played per week: just over 17.

This seems like a huge amount for the average. Obviously there is a large quantity of very heavy users that are skewing it that way, but it must mean that it's not uncommon for even the most casual players to sink in a few hours here and there. The closest competitor to WoW for people playing in an average minute was The Sims, and its average usage was 5 hours a week. Not even close.

It is worth noting that Runescape comes in at third place for the PC, above Halo and Halo 2. Oh, and forget the big 3 in current-gen consoles -- the Playstation 2 is still where it's at, taking up 42 percent of all console-gaming time.

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