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Callpod Phoenix: conference calling the Bluetooth headset way

Chris Ziegler

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That little pod in the center there is Callpod's Phoenix, a rather unique Bluetooth device that can hook up to five Bluetooth headsets together simultaneously for full-duplex conference calling through Skype or the Bluetooth capable cellphone of your choice. Those buds around the Phoenix are none other than Callpod's own Dragon model, and although pretty much any headsets should work with the system, using Dragons offers the addition of push-to-talk -- a boon we'd imagine for improving call quality when you're all hunched around a Phoenix in, say, the back of a cab. The device is wireless and rechargeable with fresh juice coming in courtesy of a mini USB port. The anticipated December '07 launch promised on Callpod's site has come and gone and we've yet to get updated pricing and availability details, but we may see it shown live at CES -- so stay on the edge of your seats, you teleconference fanatics.

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