With the bleak news out of Sprint's camp this morning, employees, stockholders, analysts, and subscribers all have to be wondering pretty much the same thing: what's going wrong? Xohm's just around the corner, so these guys have a pretty good lead on the competition in the race to 4G -- but is there something far more systematic about Sprint's core business that's causing paying heads to leave in droves?

What's wrong with Sprint?
Awful handset selection!5711 (18.3%)
Customer service (lack thereof, that is)5906 (18.9%)
If I could get a signal, I'd tell you.5513 (17.7%)
Its data network isn't all it's cracked up to be.650 (2.1%)
Plan pricing and / or features need some serious retooling!2223 (7.1%)
It's everything, man. Pack it in and call it done.7595 (24.3%)
La la la, nothing's wrong! I can't hear you!3603 (11.5%)