This week there seems to be a running theme of dark forces throughout the comics. From naga and murder to Blizzard employees, you won't want to miss the intrigue.

Choose from the dark forces...
Generational addiction58 (27.2%)
Blizzard employees46 (21.6%)
Ignoramus with gun39 (18.3%)
Swathe of death33 (15.5%)
Potty humor20 (9.4%)
Implied dangers7 (3.3%)
Naga10 (4.7%)

Voting from January 6th, 2008 to January 12th, 2008
Buffly won a clear first with 59.7% of the vote! Scrumpcious' honorable mention came in a distant second, with only 12.8%.

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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