Swag bag winners, t-shirt replacements, many more giveaways to follow

tuaw swag bag

This morning I finally shipped out the first round of swag-bag winners from our Talkcasts. Congratulations to those who called in, I hope you enjoy your junk prizes. Unfortunately our pre-Macworld t-shirt winners wound up with their t-shirts handed out at Macworld, and those were the very last of our version 1.0 TUAW t-shirts. Time and budgets will tell if we make more. Instead, I shipped the folks who responded to my winner emails some goodies courtesy Dr. Bott.

And speaking of Dr. Bott, they've been generous enough to provide a big bag (or two) of goodies from the likes of Griffin, Marware, H20 Audio, ifrogz and other cool manufacturers. So be on the lookout for more giveaways-- my wife won't let me keep this stuff lying around the house forever! (Hint: we've got an extra MacBook Air poster hidden away)

I'd also like to thank Equinux for the copies of Coverscout and Mail Stationery Packs, plus some show swag, which is also making its way out to you lucky readers.
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