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The gigantic "HTC Magnum" is convenient, inconspicuous

Joshua Topolsky

We're not really sure what to make of this supposed HTC "Magnum" that's been doing the rounds today. Sure, it looks like a gigantic, touchscreen HTC phone -- but we'd be hard-pressed to say this has any use outside of demo purposes and party time hijinks. Our guess is that this is a hilarious prank meant to thrill the interblogs, but it is possible that HTC has decided to move away from the tried-and-true handheld market to a more robust, manly line of products. Like a participant in a cat-fight, we won't "go there" on the specs, suffice to say, they make it sound really, really real. Check the video after the break to see the "phone" doing its thing, Ten Commandments-style.

Update: Yep, not real.

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